Vibe Property Solutions realise the importance of good commercial asset management. A well managed commercial property investment will not only provide better returns to the investor but also reduce expenses on maintenance and capital costs due to constantly changing tenants.

We currently manage a mixture of Industrial, Commercial and Retail premises and offer a unique and personalised approach to Commercial Property Management.  Phil personally carries out routine checks on each property where necessary and we ensure contractual and compliance issues are met on all properties under our management.  Rent and outgoings are closely monitored and all monthly invoices are issued to tenants in a timely manner.

We believe that our attention to detail and proactive approach to day to day issues will ensure Perth property owners are paid on time and that our/your tenants are happy with their accommodation.

By having Vibe Property Solutions manage your commercial property it will reduce an owner's time, efforts and costs to a minimum. Many commercial leases allow for the recovery of management fees from the tenant, allowing an owner to have their asset managed professionally with very little to no cost.