Results Not Rhetoric

What is the driving force behind Vibe’s quest for the agency’s Principal and Founders Jo and Phil O’Brien? Simple! They wanted to offer a superior and unique approach and to assert higher levels of service than what they have personally witnessed other real estate agencies delivering in Perth.

  1. You will not be passed over from one Property Manager to the next. We personally oversee all properties within our portfolio.
  2. We offer after hours and weekend viewing times for all available properties – sales or rentals.
  3. We are available to meet with our clients after hours if required.
  4. All Maintenance issues are personally overseen & coordinated by Phil.
  5. No outsourcing of any Routine or Final Inspections. We personally conduct these.
  6. Daily monitoring of Rental Payments and immediate action taken with arrears.
  7. Prompt & professional communication in relation to all aspects of your property.
  8. Extensive knowledge of the local market conditions and proven track record.
  9. We have a number of current Owners that are ex Tenants. That speaks for itself!
  10. REIWA membership ensuring Industry awareness and compliance supported with regular ongoing training.

We are highly trained, skilled and extremely passionate about maximising your return on investment!   

At Vibe we are dedicated to the efficient and compliant management of your property.  We are all about our clients positive experience being at the core of what we do. We operate morally and ethically and hold ourselves accountable to high standards of honesty and integrity.